Becky Carson Design

- Design for Print -

Nashoba Paddler is a canoe and kayak rental business that leads summer camps, nature tours, paddling instruction clinics, and environmental school field trips. I have been the graphic designer since 2010, redesigning and updating their website regularly, making brochures for several of the programs they offer, reworking the company logo, creating a new logo for the River Camp program, and creating advertisements for web and print. I also create updates for their social media, including their Facebook page, Twitter, and Constant Contact.

River Camp is an expedition based, canoeing summer camp, run by Nashoba Paddler LLC. I created an original logo for the program and I regularly make advertisements for the camp as well as a yearly brochure. I also keep the website updated with camp openings and updates.

The River Festival is a free annual event organized by the Groton Greenway Committee to celebrate the Nashua River and get people excited about the outdoors. The highlight of the festival is The Cardboard Canoe Race, where teams of kids build their own canoes using only cardboard and duct tape, then race the boats across the river.

I worked with the Groton Greenway Committee to advertise the event. I was responsible for the graphic design elements. I created a brochure, a promotional poster, a newspaper insert, a map of the festival area, and a large informational poster board to be set up at the festival.